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"The Beautiful Thing About Learning Is 
That No One Can Take It Away From You"

B.B. King

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Practical Hands on Training Designed to Help You Succeed

Many software training courses are designed to teach you all of the features available in the specific software. We understand that many trainees don't retain the majority of what they learn in these courses.  That's why our approach to training is to give students hands-on training that is custom designed to your specific work environment. Through engaging and interactive classes, you will learn practical skills that you can apply to your daily work.


We offer both French and English training in person or virtually using MS Teams.  Our focus is on giving you experience with practical tasks that you would encounter in your typical work environment, this way, you retain the information better.  This leads to improved productivity and gives trainees the confidence to apply their new knowledge to their own work. Promaxis is a Learning Services Supply Arrangement Holder with PWGSC. Promaxis Supply Arrangement is E60ZH-2100LS/059/ZH & Promaxis Standing Offer is E60ZH-2100LS/125/ZH

Promaxis offers free after course support for all trainees and our facility has ample free parking, a lunch room which includes a full kitchen, and provides snacks and drinks at no additional charge.  We can also provide lunch for a nominal fee.

At Promaxis, we provide a fun, bilingual, energetic learning environment where the instructor gives each trainee the attention they need.  Our class environment lets the instructor be very involved with each student, so that everyone in the class can maximize their learning.  And when you learn from our certified trainers, you can be confident that what you'll learn will be comprehensive, practical, and relevant to your business.


Promaxis is a Learning Services Standing Offer & Supply Arrangement Holder with PWGSC
E60ZH-2100LS 125 ZH SO

E60ZH-2100LS 059 ZH SA 


We offer a variety of MS courses to choose from.

Foxit PDF and OrgPlus

We offer a variety of courses for Foxit PDF, OrgPlus and Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance).


We offer a variety of Adobe courses to choose from

People Skills

We offer a variety of business courses including Writing Briefing Notes, Communication and Leadership skills

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ADDRESS: 2385 St Laurent Boulevard Ottawa, ON K1G 6C3

TEL: 1-343-882-5459

Promaxis Supply Arrangement = E60ZH-2100LS/059/ZH
Promaxis Standing Offer = E60ZH-2100LS/125/ZH

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