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Friday January 22nd, 2021

Complimentary Webinar with Susan - MS PowerPoint- Tips & Tricks

10:00 am-12:00 pm EST

Don't settle for the basic, built-in PowerPoint templates. Use Format Painter to save time. Animate a flowchart to make it come alive. The new Zoom feature for Office 365 subscribers. Make global changes to your presentation. Embed fonts in your presentation. This webinar will share many features that will have your PowerPoint presentations stand out.

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Friday January 22, 2021
Java 11 to 15: What fun!

1pm-2:30pm EST

Come on out and discover some of the new features in Java's latest releases, including JShell the interpreter, runnable .java files, Records and, though they're from Java 8, Lambdas, which lots of developers haven't gotten up to speed on yet!

Meeting Link:

Complimentary Webinar with Sue - MS Excel - Lookups and More

Thursday January 28, 2021

10-12 p.m. EST

What are LOOKUPS in MS Excel and how are they different from each other?


Knowing the difference between LOOKUP vs VLOOKUP Functions in Excel enables users to take full advantage of the benefits of using each function. The LOOKUP function allows a user to search for a piece of data in a row or column and return a corresponding piece of data in another row or column. The VLOOKUP function is similar but only allows a user to search vertically in a row and only returns data in a left-to-right procedure. This webinar will demonstrate the many lookups found in MS Excel and help you to choose which LOOKUP you should use in Excel modeling

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Complimentary Webinar with Sue - MS Word Tips & Tricks 

Friday January 29, 2021

10-12 p.m. EST

Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks?


Microsoft Word is the most ubiquitous word-processing program on the market; it's intuitive even for the most technologically illiterate computer users and is backed by the powerful Microsoft Office suite.  Nudged by cloud-based programs like Google Docs, Word has evolved over the years with online subscriptions that offer access on multiple devices, as well as a free, cloud-based version of Word. But despite the competition, Microsoft's software remains the go-to tool for producing important docs. And why not? It's dependable, customizable, and has lots of baked-in functionality you may not have tried yet. This webinar will focus on some semi-hidden treats only power users know.

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